CERCH has created a variety of scientifically informed and tested educational materials that can help you identify and avoid environmental health risks. Below, we offer some essential Fact Sheets, an interactive Prenatal Environmental Health Kiosk, Toolkits, Online Courses and Additional Links for both adults and youth. 





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     Protecting Your Family From Pesticides    |       Protegiendo su Familia de los Pesticidas


Controlling Pests in Your Home Brochure Cover                Controlling Pests in Your Home             |       Cosas Que Usted Puede Hacer Para Controlar Las Plagas


How to Eliminate Pesticides From Work Clothes Brochure Cover Eliminating Pesticides From Work Clothes    |    Eliminar Pesticidas de su Ropa de Trabajo


are your cosmetic products safe      Are Your Cosmetic Products Safe?           |         Sus productos cosméticos son seguros?


       Do it Yourself Beauty Recipes                   |                  Recetas de Belleza DIY


Flame Retardant Factsheet                         Flame Retardants                     |                    Retardantes de Fuego

 Carbon Monoxide Fact Sheet            Carbon Monoxide in your House        |         Monoxido de Carbono en su Casa

 Allergies in Your Home Fact Sheet           Allergies in your Home                          |                Alergias en su Casa

 Protecting your Family from Lead Poisoning  Fact Sheet                   Lead Poisoning                              |               Envenenamiento con Plomo   

 Sun Exposure Factsheet                          Sun Exposure                         |                 Como Puede ser Danino el Sol