In the Media

In the Media

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CERCH has been featured in a broad array of media. Below is a selection of appearances:

Recent Media

  • Poisoning Paradise, 3/17/17: Documentary, Dr. Brenda Eskenazi comments on health concerns related to pesticides.

  • California State Senate Media on Demand, 3/1/17: “Senate Environmental Quality Committee” Dr. Asa Bradman testifies on CHAMACOS research related to Department of Pesticide Regulation’s proposed Pesticide Use Near Schoolsites regulation (Dr. Bradman's testimony begins at 2:11).


2003-2004 Print Media Publications

  • Coast Weekly Monterey County, 7/17/03: “Poisoned Harvest”

2001-2002 Radio and TV interviews

  • Radio Bilingue, 6/12/01: "La Placita" talk show on environment and children’s health. Selene Jaramillo and Dr. Asa Bradman participated as panelists.
  • Hispanic Radio Network, 3/6/01: "Mundo Latino" show on environmental and children’s health. Selene Jaramillo participated as a panelist.
  • Local cable public access TV program, 2/2/01: Selene Jaramillo appeared as a guest speaker for recorded interview program on CHAMACOS, environment and children's health. Program aired for several months.

2001-2002 Print Media Publications

  • Los Angeles Times, 3/26/02: “Effects of Pollutants on Children Studied” 
  • Monterey Herald, 3/25/02: “Scientists Look at Effect of Pollutants on Kids’ Health”
  • Salinas Weekly, 12/28-1/3/01: “Home Work- Scientists study the health risks of poverty”
  • UC Berkeley School of Public Health Highlights, Fall 2001: “Honors and Awards”
  • Cal Neighbors, Fall 2001: “UC Berkeley Helps Guide New Parents”
  • The Berkeley Daily Planet, 9/28/01: “Hundreds Gather to Honor UC’s Community Partners”
  • The Daily Californian, 9/27/01: “Programs Receive Praise for Work to Improve Communal Well-Being”
  • Berkeleyan, 9/27/01: “Town-Gown Partnerships”
  • Berkeleyan, 9/27/01: “Study Examines Environmental Health Impacts on Salinas Valley Women and Children
  • El Sol, Salinas, CA, 9/21/00: “CHAMACOS, es un estudio sobre el medio ambiente” 
  • Berkeleyan, 8/23/00: “Field Studies: Effort addresses health effects of pesticides and allergens on rural mothers and babies
  • Monterey County Herald, 4/7/00: “Local allergists track pollen count"
  • El Sol, Salinas, CA, 4/6/00 “Tiene alergias?” (Do you have allergies?)
  • The Californian, Salinas, CA, 4/5/00: “Station to offer local pollen count”
  • The Californian, Salinas, CA, 4/4/00: “Monitor to provide allergy answers”
  • El Sol, Salinas, CA, 3/30/00: “CHAMACOS le ayudara a proteger la salud de su bebe” (CHAMACOS helps to protect the health of your baby)
  • San Jose Mercury News, 3/28/00: “Farmworker health probe”
  • The Californian, Salinas, CA, Summer 1999: “Studying Our Environment”
  • California Agriculture, 9-10/99, Vol. 53, No. 5: “UC Berkeley launches landmark study”
  • El Sol, Salinas, CA 9/21/99: CHAMACOS, es un estudio sobre el medio ambiente

1999-2000 Radio and TV interviews:

  • KHDC Radio (Spanish)- CRLA program, 9/30/99: "Legal Assistance"
  • TV Channel 67 news interview (Spanish), 9/27/99 
  • TV Channel 67 news interview (Spanish), 9/20/99
  • KHDC radio (Spanish), 9/17/99: "La voz de la Salud" (The Voice of Health)
  • TV Channel 46 news interview (English), 4/3/00
  • TV Channel 8 news interview (English), 3/28/00
  • TV Channel 67 news interview (Spanish), late April/early May 2000

1998 Print Media Publications

  • San Jose Mercury News, 8/12/98: “UC to Study Pesticides"